Packaging Design



Independent Project


To brand AutoZone in a way that provides an efficient using experience into their new product categories.


AutoZone is the second large retailer of after-market automotive parts and accessories in the United States. It provides great service and high-quality products comprehensively. The challenge I faced to was to bring AutoZone's branding and packaging design to its great service and high-quality products.





The AutoZone redesign brings the sense of efficient, all-inclusive, and present image to the automotive parts industry, and creates a credible and clear zone wherever, and whenever you need any assistance in car repairing.


After the redesign, AutoZone is not only one of the largest retailer of after-market automotive parts and accessories in the United States, but also provides an uplifting purchase experience for you.





The logo design is spirited this typeface - Foco Regular, the "t" has a curvy top. I modified the typeface by increasing the spacing, thickening the strokes, and I rounded the bottom stroke of the "z" to make the whole logotype more unified.



Windshield washer de-icer concentrate


The current packaging is a bottle with measures on the side, which isn’t effective to use. How to create a packaging provide an effective using experience is the main task. The solution I came out with is 1 oz small packs design, which allows users to measure the amount of liquid they are adding, to create an efficient using experience.


Automobile cleaning line


The major color on the packaging of the automobile cleaning line is warm gray with white and light gray text, and the new AutoZone orange as the accent color.






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