Packaging Design



Group Project


To create new NesCafe product line mainly targeted Millennials internationally.  It was a NesCafe sponsored project.


The afternoon collection celebrates the small, chill, and intimate moments of our lives. These casual moments are our escape from the stress and things that we are constantly told to do. it’s a time when we can stop worrying about the future, and just focus on the now.



Team Members

Tina Tsung  -  ID (Psychical Modeling Making)

David Jean Hyun  -  ID (CAD/ Rendering)

JQ Lim  -  Graphic Application

Yashi Sikaria  -  Retailer Space Design





the coffee sweets


Affogato is a combination of ice-cream and instant espresso. instant coffee is the perfect fit for pre-packed affogato because it can be stocked with ice-cream in the freezer. just add some water, and chill out with your instant affogato.




The portable coffee


Squeeze is a pocket-sized condensed coffee paste made for millennial nomads. just squeeze out the coffee paste and mix with cold or hot water, and you can have your coffee whenever and wherever. regular or double shots, you can easily measure the coffee paste by the stick inside the cap, and not be limited by the standard single serve pack instant coffee.




the festive coffee experience


Crush is a single serve packet cookie covered instant coffee. irresistible and tactile, just follow your imagination, and crush the coffee in your own way before mixing with water. crush your stress and tiredness, and embrace your afternoon, now.




Chill Out and Enjoy your Afternoon



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